Situated in the central part of the Pearl River Delta (PRD), Shunde is to the south of Guangzhou and to the north of Hong Kong and Macao with an area of 806 k㎡. It is an important part of Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan circle and Guangdong-Hong Kong Economic Circle. Established in the 3rd year of Jingtai of Ming Dynasty (1452), Shunde currently has jurisdiction over ten towns with a resident population of 2.51 million (including 1.23 million registered permanent reside... [ Details ]
Consumer Inquiry & Complaint
Tel : 12315
Price Complaints
Tel : 12358
Immigration Advisory
Tel : 22835300
Legal Advice Service
Tel : 12348
Legal Advice Service
Tel : 22836952
Petition Hotline
Tel : 22639001

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